Hike to 100 årsbua - Ti på topp

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I have now finished my fourth hike from the challenge Ti på topp. (It is a annual challenge where you try to walk ten selected hikes from Mai to September.) It was to a cabin called 100 årsbua, which means something like "100 years cabin". It was built as a present to Narvik´s 100 years anniversary. It is a pretty short hike. It is about 2 kilometers each way. The cabin is laying with a lake. Inside the cabin there is a bench and a table, and people can use this cabin to relax a bit before they continue the trip. I was with my mother, little sister and of course the best hiking-buddy in the world: our dog.

There was several sign showing the direction to the cabin.

Did she make it over without falling in the river?
Yes, barely.

A small handmade bridge we had to cross.

The lake is to the left from this picture. You can see the mailbox which is at every Ti på topp-hike at the hut in the middle.

Best regards from Ida.


I enjoy looking at all your beautiful pictures. The pink flowers at the top are so pretty! I love seeing Nero also, he is such a cute dog, and looks super intellegent.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your nice comment.

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