Snowy hike to Bjørntoppen in June - Ti på topp

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Long time no see! The last weeks have been quite busy. I have had the last tests and exam at school. Now I have finally got summer break. I have been on a few hikes in between school, studying, work and friends, and thought that I should share a few picture from them with you.

I have been one more time on Reinveivannet and two times on a peak called Bjørntoppen. When some of my friends and I walked to Bjørntoppen we was lucky and got to se the sun for a little while.

The view from the top

On 6. June my mother and I took a hike to Bjørntoppen "Bearpeak". It is 380 meters above see level. There was a lot of fog and it was raining a bit. As we got a few meters higher above sea level it was not raining anymore, it was snowing. Who would have thought that it would be snowing in June? Not me, and I was not a big fan of it. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures while there was snowing the most, so It was hard to get a picture were you can see the snowflakes in the air.

IMG_9361 (2).jpg
On this day there was not the best view due to the fog.

Nero had to take a bath on our way up.

View over Narvik city.

The mailbox at the top. Hikers can write their names in it.

My mom and Nero on their way down.

I hope you have a nice day.


Such beautiful photos, Nero must be the happiest dog in the world with all the walks he gets😁

Thank you! Nero and his whole family likes to go for walks, so he often gets to do what he likes the most :D

Great nature, good pictures, nice walk well done ida :)

Thank you so much! :)

You take beautiful pictures Ida! Love this post

Thank you Maja! ❤️