Todays hike to Reinveivannet

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Today when I woke up there was raining a lot, and I could not see the top of the mountains around where I live because of the mist. Throughout the day the weather got better and my older sister @majakarlsen and I decided to take a walk to Reinveivannet, which means "raindeer-trail water" The lake is 680 meters above the sea level, and we got a great view over Straumsnes and Rombaken from the top.

Nero was enjoying the cold snow before we walked the last meters to the top.

At the top there is a mailbox containing a book. Everyone who makes it to the top can write their names and date in it to keep record.

When we got to the top I was happy that there were no more steep hills to climb.

And then there was time to return back home:

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I almost get homesick looking at your beautiful pictures :D Thank you for sharing :D I love that place! :D

Thank you! I also realy like that place, it is so beautiful there :)

Thank you for your great company today! even though it was exhausting "climbing" all the way to the top;)

Haha yes it sure was! I am glad we walked together. Thanks for motivating me at the heavy parts :D

Nice hike. We must take some more as training to the summers hike.. :-)

Yes I’m in! I am looking forward to the trip this summer :D

Dåkker e nu vældi spræk, flott post :)

Takk det samme! :D

How beautiful, you are very lucky to live in such a special place. And I love your dog, Nero.

Thanks. Nero is very kind and a fantastic hike-buddy. :)