Yesterday's hike to Olbogfjellet - Ti på topp

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I have recently signed myself up for a challenge that takes place in the area I live. It is called Ti på topp which means "ten on peak". It is about hiking. The creators of this have picked out ten peaks with different length and difficulty in the area around the city I live in. This challenge takes place in several areas here in Norway, and there is different peaks to climb from place to place. The point is to try to walk all of this hikes from Mai to September.

My first hike was to Reinveivannet that I wrote about on Tuesday. I walked my second hike in this challenge yesterday evening. My father @harkar, mother, little sister and of course our dog Nero and I walked to a small peak called Olbogfjellet. It is the shortest one in Ti på topp, but it has a great view. It is two kilometers in total and the top is on 213 meters above sea level. There was a lot of wind at the top and the mist was covering the higher mountains around us.

Here is some pictures from the hike:

Here is the view of the fjord

On our way to the top.

When we got to the top there was a flag fluttering in the wind.

Nero was sitting at the top, and was enjoying the view and the wind in his fur.

I am thinking about writing and posting pictures from every hike I take that is in Ti på topp, so I hope you will find that interesting.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Looks like a nice little hike, you have to take me there next time I visit! Lovely pictures, makes me want to go outside right away!!

Thank you. Yes I will, looking forward to that!

I'm so happy to read your post,
Your post content is very good ..

Thank you so much! :)

Great photography must run in your family. I absolutely love your dog, Nero. He is beautiful.🐶

Thank you so much. My dad is a great teacher. :D

Good idea, I will stay tuned for more pictures from your hikes :D Nero is the most photogenic dog I know :D

Thank you Helle ❤️

Thank you Ida for sharing this experience. It must be real challenge, I believe many people are taking part in this challenge and once you have your family and Nero with you then it must be real adventure.

Up in Scotland we have a mountain called Ben Nevis, it is the highest in British Isles, 1,345 meters above sea level in Lochaber, Highland. Many people do hiking too and that is the favorite place, many did that challenge for charity. But all of them very excited about that feeling to be for a moment on the top of it :)

Cheers @Stef1

Yes I think it is very fun that my family and also one of my friends is a part of this challenge, then I have someone to share this experience with.

I have never been in Scotland before but would like to travel there one day. Maybe I have to take a hike up Lochaber if I do. I had to search about it and it looks like a nice hike :D