New Life Project and Path

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New Life Project and Path

There are winds of change with something I've been feeling since a long time ago and thanks to that feeling, I've found what I think is one way to move away from the suffering and unbalanced life me and my family have been living the last year. I mean, not everything is bad, but when we started having a decent income and getting enough money to pay our bills and survive PUM! quarintine hell Orwell style for everyone. So jobs vanished and again we were like lost, plus our friends can't do anything else for us anymore.

Render Domo 5.png

That thing I'm talking about which I found is named PermaCulture, and to me is the culture of staying in the nature, construct, plant, harvest and live in a sustainable way with the ecosystem, respecting nature as a whole including the earth, animals and vegetation. I'm as exited with this as I was with my first bicycle, when my son was born and when my parents and I moved to a country house because this can change upside down our life for good and it's the call I've been feeling for years.

I've been into this matter for maybe two months and what I'm mostly obssessed is with the Geodesic Domes used as houses. The Domes are based on "sacred geometry" and it looks like the flower of life geometric figure used by the ancient civilizations. The domes and the permaculture apparently go hand by hand, but it's like the balance with nature that permaculture promotes goes hand by hand with certain knowledge and level of awareness.

I'm learning how to construct the most simple 2 frequency dome to use it as a house and making 3D models based on others that have been success projects here in Colombia. The thing is that I don't have a house, there's little job opportunities and we don't want to go back to Venezuela because it can mean death for any of us, besides we sacrifice everything to move out of there. We're going to spend our last card with a project like this.

Aldea 01.png

We're winning some more time in Colombia due to another friend who is helping us, so we must make enough money to buy a piece of land in a mountain and start new this project from scrach. I've seen a lot of projects like what I want to do, and all of the ones that are parallel to my way of thinking have a lot of things in common and I'm talking about the failures of the system, the control for people and the concepts of what is success.

For me success is seeing my kid growing learning things that can make him survive in a world that is wild, both in the city and in the country. Watching him being able to construct what he needs with his own hands and understanding nature, living like I lived when I was a child.

We know that this is not something that can happened from one day to the other, but we want to do it, to grow and if it's possible to create an ecovillage with people with the same way of thinking about nature, the system and our conditions as humans without the connection between us that today is being more cutted thanks to mandatory social distancing.

Aldea 02.effectsResult.png

Is not easy and fast that we will leave behind the use of money, it's no easy task to abandon everything and move to a mountain alone without anything, is not like that. I'm studying everything from the legal way to do things to how to design, build, plant, harvest and everything that is really important and that not many schools teaches. We are taught to obey and all our life is guided by paradigms that are constructed on us by others, from our parents, family, teachers and the most destructive way: television, news and shows.

That's why I don't think success is the same for everybody, each one is programmed in a different way and their ideas of success can vary. I'm not saying that if your goals are to go to college, university and graduate, having an apartment, having a car and a job to pay your bills then you are wrong, I'm saying that the primary motivations for you to look for that are programmed and most of the people when achieve those goals don't even find happiness or the tranquility they expected, but a struggle to keep moving, working and paying in a cycle that sucks the life out of you.


There are many EcoVillages and PermaCulture projects in Colombia, but I only found two maybe three projects that fit into my head as real and out of the system initiatives, both with freelancer workers as the lead.

Not everything is perfectly planned and I'm not prepared for everything but I think that in my case, going back to basics is our last chance here in Colombia, and maybe the only opportunity for us to stay here and start a dignified life. There's a lot that I don't know yet about this kind of projects but I must learn fast because there are only 6 months left for us.

I'm gonna use PeakD to put specific ideas about the project and later compare them. In this post I'm gonna share what are my concerns in a very early stage:

Legal Issues

  • Land buying and paperwork needed.
  • Construction rules for domes according to law.
  • Plant and harvest rules, laws and p.
  • Permissions.

Security Issues

  • Forest fires
  • Wild animals
  • Poisonous animals
  • Guerrillas

Economic Issues

  • Cost and place of the land.
  • Cost of the main materials and tools.

Instagram: @permacultura_

I'm looking foward to the possibilities to receive volunteers and collaborators from around the world, as long as the project grows people will be able to stay there with us for days, exchanging knowledge and help us planting, constructing and more. Many of this kind of projects do this and there's people all over the world that makes their support on those places. I'm gonna share progress, the designs I've been doing and the ways to create that beautiful dome house despite that right now is in brainstorm phase.

If you want to collaborate and donate funds for this project to be possible there is my BTC wallet:


They want us to obey, we must resist and learn again how to survive without them, let's stop being domesticated.

3D Designs / Images by Kirvic L. Aguilera.


Hey!very nice to see this happening! i have built a geodasic dome before.. its a beautiful space to live in,.

Please post these to the ecoTrain community where we really support, promote and even advise on such things.... BEST OF LUCK!

I realized that after I posted this! Thanks, I'm definitely going there, it's my vector now.

Excelente proyecto! espero todos podamos comenzar a llevar a cabo estas maravillosas ideas. este es el camino a seguir.
Adiwa. Saludos!

Si podemos. Nadie dice que sea fácil ni de hoy para mañana, pero si podemos.

Muchas gracias por el tip!!!!

Es poco pero espero lo reciban con amor! Fuerza para desarrollar todos los proyectos que tengan hermano! Un abrazo

Mira esto @acurewa!!!

Hermano, dónde estás viviendo?
Nosotros también somos venezolanos en Colombia y también nos ha dado duro.

Leer esto me hizo poner el corazón chiquito! Soñamos lo mismo.

Mi nené va a cumplir su primer añito en junio y nuestros planes son verlo crecer en coherencia con la naturaleza. Aquí, en el Quindío, también hay un montón de proyectos y, gracias a Dios, tenemos un montón de amigos que están todos pendientes de lo mismo. Permacultura y bio-construcción. Muchos de ellos ya han trabajado, o están trabajando, la permacultura y la bio-construcción con voluntariados. Algunos de ellos ya están con las compras de su tierrita.

Por ahora, nosotros estamos aprendiendo a sembrar nuestra comida y nuestra medicina.
Sí se puede! Estoy pendiente de tu respuesta y de cómo va tu proyecto!

Hola! Vivimos en Medellín. Hoy tuvimos que mudarnos de donde vivíamos a otro lugar. Nosotros queremos comenzar de cero este proyecto, pero solos es bastante difícil más no imposible. Queremos conseguir dinero para poder tener el terreno. Aunque si existe forma de unirnos, aportar o conseguir el terreno con alguna forma de facilidad de pago seria ideal. Por ahora para sobrevivir estamos buscando trabajo y pues con mucho estrés acá en la ciudad.

Es el llamado de la lógica y la naturaleza que estamos escuchando hace años sin hacer caso y ahora se volvió emergencia.

Hello @kirvic-aguilera, this is @notconvinced on behalf of Natural Medicine.

I love your thinking and hope everything falls into place for you. Sending #hivevibes my friend.😀


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Thank you! I wish you well!


Hey hermano, soy el esposo de Neyxi, nosotros estamos en Armenia y tenemos un proyecto similar, pongámonos en contacto.


Tienes whatsapp? El nuestro es +573213920606

Si, ahí mismo!