Met my worst nightmare

in #nature6 years ago (edited)

I just met my worst nightmare on my way home tonight. I have never seen a snail this HUGE north in Norway before. It has been raining a lot the last week or two and the rain has brought out the snails.....



I might have to move even farther north after experiencing this... Anything to get away from these gross creatures.

Hope all of you are having a beautiful snail free day!

Best regards


I suppose it only appears in the summer.

That’s right! Not too comforting right now though...

I am also scared of snails. Maybe I should just move with you even farther north? I hope you sleep well tonight without any nightmares.

S.o.s. Please join me! Thank you❤️ Goodnight

I agree!! They are so gross! In Oslo there are different types, much bigger than that😱 I think we have to move to Svalbard 😄

Ugh, I hope I’ll never see different kinds up here... Yes, I am with you any day!

Å herlighet, er det virkelig kommer brunsnegler til nord Norge...Var det hjemme på straumsnes du så denne?

Ja, ser sånn ut.... ekkelt.. så den i Tromsø så kanskje det e trygt på straumsnes!

Ja får håpe det😀