Vibrant Morning Vibes

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It has been a wonderful morning by the sea side today. Me and hubby decided to do this early morning drive to the corniche and spend some time there. Since the weather is now so much better it's good to do these morning outings. We had a long weekend with the National day holidays and with that every place is so crowded now. The holidays were anticipated for the last week of the month but then they announced it a week before so guess people did not have much of a choice to travel out of country. Oman National day falls on 18th Nov, but the holidays are announced always in the later part of the month. Majority of the times it is in the last week of the month, so people plan their holidays accordingly.

Me and hubby had no travel plans for this mini vacation, since we are taking a long vacation starting mid dec, so for these holidays we decided to spend our time going to local places. We did an overnight trip to one of the city resorts, where we got a very good deal. It is 4 days holiday, the remaining 2 days we were home just doing some local things.

It is such a pleasure taking a walk here, looking at these beautiful views, hearing the birds chirping and the gentle waves with the cool breeze. A perfect way to spend the morning.

There are these 2 Dhows, these are the olden type boats. These days they are used as an attraction for people to take boat rides. They are completely made of wood, like how in the olden days they made the boats of wood.

It's a beautiful morning


That's the city's Fish and Vegetable market

This is one of the Royal Boats

Happy Me ❤️❤️❤️

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures and find them soothing.

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Nature's most rewarding offer to see such a beautiful morning! Have a great time))))))

Indeed. Thank you

Wonderful view this is 😍

Nice time you had. Wonderful views

Mornings are one of the best times of the day to take a walk and explore an area, as the energy is always fresh and vibrant.
The last image, with the sun beaming on you looks wonderful :)

Absolutely, it is the best time to be outdoors and I enjoy my evening walks too in such places.
Thank you for the compliment

Right! Around sunrise and sunset are my favorite times to go for outdoor walks.

You're most welcome.

There is no doubt that you and your husband had an amazing time together
I love the pictures
They are very nice

Thank you my dear. It was a very peaceful morning