Penguins, birds that fly in the water 🐧🐣

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Why penguins can't fly?

I guess everyone wants to know answer for this question. Almost all source say that they can't fly just because in the deep past, when all nature developed, they were't birds of prey. This means that they didn't want to attack those who flew in the sky. Nevertheless, they needed to eat something, so they have adapted their legs for water. That is why most of people says that they fly in the water. Penguins belong to the pectoral and have a keel despite the fact that they cannot fly.
They have a good parental instinct. Both of them, and mom and dad penguin. They have special crease on their stomachs to warm and hatch their unborn baby. Unfortunately, in most of situations it's doesn't matter if they took their egg or not. This is one of the worst facts about penguins.

The largest living species is the emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri):[1] on average, adults are about 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) tall and weigh 35 kg (77 lb). The smallest penguin species is the little blue penguin (Eudyptula minor), also known as the fairy penguin, which stands around 33 cm (13 in) tall and weighs 1 kg (2.2 lb).[2] Among extant penguins, larger penguins inhabit colder regions, while smaller penguins are generally found in temperate or even tropical climates. Some prehistoric species attained enormous sizes, becoming as tall or as heavy as an adult human. These were not restricted to Antarctic regions; on the contrary, subantarctic regions harboured high diversity, and at least one giant penguin occurred in a region around 2,000 km south of the equator 35 mya, in a climate decidedly warmer than today.








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