What is Together ?

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What is Together?

Hello Steemians community, I present this new creation, my book for children and adults that is called Together, book that I wrote and illustrated and finally I went up to the amazon platform.

Together in life everything is achieved easier and is simpler. We are sociable beings by nature, birds also let us know, show us, most birds are gregarious, sociable, noisy and companions for life.
Can you imagine yourself alone, without the help of someone to help you face a moment of challenge in life or who has no one to talk or chat with ? or receive every sunrise ?
When one sees the path or paths one has traced in life, one becomes aware and realizes that many of the goals and accomplishments do not occur alone, although some goals are accomplished under a tenacious will usually crystallize with the help of a third party, an involved team.

This is what I outlined when I conceptualized this book which is actually for all ages. I am a faithful lover of the book of The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, a book that greatly influenced my life, both for its concept and its message, as for its illustration. So I said to myself, I am going to make a book inspired by the simplicity of the illustrations of The Little Prince, which has been a book that touched my heart. To create Together I looked for simplicity in the illustration, so I selected ink and watercolor. The ink gives it a funny touch, like the fluid that the ink itself is. I really like what I see there.

Nature always teaches us. Many species of birds are gregarious, that is to say, they act in coordination together, to hunt, to sunbathe, to swim, to follow their mother's "paw" for example to learn to swim, or those birds that fly together migrating from one continent to another, defying winds, cold, predators, or those that together receive and sing at dawn. In short, together we face any situation better, together we dilute the demands of life.
The value, the goal message that I left there captured, beyond the gregarious life of birds and for all the terrains of life and in these moments that as a nation we live in Venezuela, is that Together, and united, people also achieve their freedom. And we will reach it.

The book for all ages is available in amazon, in its ebook versions and Paperback in both English and Spanish. I invite you to look for it in amazon as Rosa Elena Albornoz Mendez where you can also see my other publications. Thank you very much for reading me, listening to me and sharing in your social networks !
I am also with my illustrations in Instagram as @rosaelena_ naturaleza where I show part of my graphic work and in you tube as@rosaelena naturaleza.

Thank you for reading and sharing on your social networks.