The annual cycle

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I just recently found out what it is that could comfort me or make me feel good in February in the Northern Hemisphere - that in the Southern Hemisphere autumn begins.


And no, it's not just this climatic knowledge, a presumption perhaps, which is in the textbooks. But that it is a fact this year as well. That it's happening this year too.


You know how the climate changes, how the seasons shift. But a photo of autumn on the other side of the world is comforting.
Not everything has changed. There is still something to cling to, to anchor, if you will.


One needs unchanging things to be grounded, somehow, one needs recurring events to not lose one's bearings in this complex and rapidly changing world. And the annual cycle of nature helps us in this.

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Yay! 🤗
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Well... knowing that something worse is happening somewhere to someone else, works sometimes in making us feel better, lol


You mean, autumn is something bad? 🤔 I don't think so. Fall and winter are the favorite part of the year for some who don't like summer. And just because I love it doesn't mean I think something bad has happened to someone and therefore I should be happy. Here I am talking only about myself and what is happening to me...

No, it isn't bad. It's just that compared to the incoming spring... it isn't the winner, for me :)