Wonderful Clouds from the view of a Cloud lover, like Me

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If you are clouds lovers, I am the one among you.

You may know why I love clouds via my several old posts. Today, I would like to tell you again in different words and with different photos, just in case, you may forget it or you may not read my posts before. ;D

When I was a child, I dreamed of being clouds, so I can transform myself into many things that I want. It must be a mysterious and incredible moment!

Moreover, being clouds would make me fly far and far away to various beautiful places. The view when seen from very high would be certainly much more spectacular.

It’s very fun and amazing to use our imagination when seeing the shapes of the clouds look like. Sometimes, even if it’s the same clouds, I and my friends saw the difference. Ah! This is up to our imagination indeed.

Apart from the shapes that are amazing, I think the colors and the appearance of clouds can sometimes tell us about the times and the mood of the weather; i.e. if we see big grey clouds, we can foresee that the rain is coming soon, etc.

I love to see the reflection of the sunlight on the clouds, especially when sunset. Very magnificent!

Yeah! I especially love the clouds during the rainy season most as a lot of huge clouds usually appear in the sky before it rains. In Thailand now, it rains heavily in the afternoon almost every day. The half-day before noon, the sunlight is so brilliant with the wonderful cloudy sky, so I think I would take photos of the clouds to show you again.

These were the clouds on different days and at different times…, but in the same area; from my balcony, in front of my house and nearby my house.










Yeah! Apart from the clouds themselves, I also love to take photos of them with trees.

As you may know I'm a nature lover, so I think the trees could help photos of the clouds look much more fascinating.

Let's see!









Clouds with the roofs of my neighbors.....



Last but not least, here below is the photo of wonderful fluffy clouds that were floating over the roof of my own house..... (Oop! With some electric wires! Sorry! Haha!)


p.s. I: Can you notice the rays of the sun (or "the sun halo") in some photos? Very gorgeous, right?
(I am not sure whether these words can be used for this phenomenon.)

p.s. II: In fact, I took so many photos of the clouds....but if I share all of them with you now, I'm afraid that your dream may probably be full of my clouds tonight!!! Haha! ;D


I love to see clouds too. I often photograph clouds with my glass in my hand 😊

Oh! I'm very happy to know that you love clouds, too. Um! Good idea! I'll try it, too. :)

Many thanks for your nice comment and for your curation. I much appreciate it. ;))

Wow amazing sky.nice viewer.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the photos. ;)

I think I am transforming into a cloud after seeing all your clouds! They seem to be pulling me into them!!


Yeah! Let's transform into clouds! I'm glad you felt like me..... ;D

Thanks so much for your nice comment and for stopping by. ;)

I had to make sure I could come back to my former self!! Now I feel heavy again! No longer as light as cloud!

Ah! I do hope you can feel as light as cloud again very soon..... ;D

Thank you! The weather was moody in the evening so it affected me! Today there is nice cloud in the sky, so I feel quite good today!

Oh! I'm glad to know that! ;)