Funny .. that "review" by Larimer was a response to one of my posts, where I was complaining about being banned from the EOS ICO chat on Telegraph .. probably by Dan, for mentioning NEO. If NEO is not "in the same league", then why react like that!? Says alot.

Anyway, the reason Bitshares is going nowhere, the reason STEEM is going down, and the reason the EOS ICO is looked upon with such great suspicion and feels to be losing momentum .. is due to the style and tone of the leadership ... arrogant kids with too much money, who thinks dey chit is da bestest ! They never really open things up .. STEEM is having the same problem as Bitshares .. half-done .. half-baked .. they are clubs that no one wants to go to, with VIP sections nobody gives a shit about .. and people who want to help, who actually are helping, get beat up and kicked out. :-))


Dan should be grateful for the support he has received, and the support that EOS is getting - humble as well, because what he has worked on in the past, nothing has really succeeded. Oh yes, amazing SPEED, that's great .. BUT .. user experience, truly opening up to and supporting developers (tools etc.), positive open and friendly leadership also counts for something to - you know, when you are attempting to attract human-beings to your work.

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Nothing better than some of that chinese shit, we got enough of their plastic crap in the developed world, why not have some of their crypto as well EH?

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Cool! I follow you.