NEO Target $120 (Short term Prediction #7) Maximum Profit ($660)

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Hello Steemians

Hope everyone doing well.

I am sharing you my short term setup for NEO.

Short trade on NEO for next couple of weeks. (Expect to hit target within 32 days)

I bought 12 NEO today on $65( 0.00804100 BTC) for short term

with target of $120 ( 55*12=Profit of $660)

I have 16 NEO for long term with target of $225 .

It's my personal opinion.

It’s not a financial advice.

Please everyone make his own decision

NEO Short term setup

4 hours ago

We seen doji candle which give us a buy signal.


RSI trending up with value +36.40


Some momentum we have seen in last 6 hours for NEO

Hull Moving average below price ($63)

Bought at $65

Short term target $120


Go through lessons (by salahuddin2004)

Lesson # 1 (Support/Resistance levels)

Lession # 2 (Breakout/Breakdown/New Support/New Resistance)

Lesson # 3 (False Breakout & how to avoid them)

Lesson # 4 (RSI Indicator & how to use it)

FOR requesting TA, Whatsapp me

Don't Forget to Resteem.

Thank you.

Take care.


Ugh, NEO is questionable for me right now.

I am looking forward to the next lesson maybe you explain the MACD once?

I doubted last year and unfortunately not bought, regret

I had some doubts too, I think Neo is a great one with a big future

@salahuddin2004 I think you made a buy to soon:

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NEO great crypto.

But with NEO don’t forget GAS.

NEO long term target $225.
Gas long term target $109.

bilgilendirmeleriniz için teşekkürler.crypto paralarla ilgili takvimsel bilgileri de paylaşırmısınız.mesela:yarın QUTUM binance usdt marketinde işlem görmeye başlayacak gibi.