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RE: The Guild Of Neoxian - Previous Season Contributions & Raffle Draw Winners.

in #neoxian2 years ago

How hard is 2500? I have some cards and have been considering investing a bit more into Steem Monsters. I sold most of my Alpha cards over time and rarely do more than a quest or two each season but have been thinking about committing a bit more time into the game.


Not so hard if you have at least Silver League level cards. I would suggest you to power up your cards.

!neoxag 20

I think I've been in gold league before with my current collection, but don't think my cards are high enough level to really compete. Been thinking about cracking 100 beta packs before they all sell out.

Great decision ... Best of luck . Today I got 2 Gold foil Legendary from 100 pack opening ;)


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