Friends, see the post urgently about the spammer team.

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Friends, see the post urgently about the spammer team.
They fight spam like that.
They also vote for him.
How could you get it.
Got into a scandal
These are those who do not fight but support.


You need to know the rules first
You're caught by @spaminator, so you're doing it

Can I use GIF's on my blog? Is there any Copyright?

If you create your own GIFs, you would hold the copyright. However, if you use someone else’s GIF on your blog with out permission, you run the risk of a copyright violation.

Having said that, viral GIFs are shared thousands, even millions of times around the internet. It may be impossible to tell who actually owns the GIF.

Before embedding a GIF on your website, try to establish who owns it and if they hold a copyright for it.

Good luck!

You found a source of the gif on a site
I found the gif on giphy
They are not one, check their profile name?
The gif is not copyrighted
free to share anywhere
you can see, the sites also have tutorial' how to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media
You just disturbed me, my Indian brother

@hivewatchers know about it

Read I wrote to you.
Prohibited .

Powering down doesn't help your case.