Could Splinterlands Be The Key?

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May 2018 !


I can't believe it's been over three years (could it be four?) since I bought my first Alpha pack of Steemmonsters cards. I owned a level 9 Alpha Flesh Golem once but I sold it. Probably to @mattclarke ;-)

I sold Rennyn for less than $10, Zaku for less than $20 and I sold/sacrificed my entire Death Team including my beloved Lord of Darkness to get money to buy more cards to improve the other splinters and be more competative but here I am today with a deck (according to Peakmonsters) valued at over $125,000 dollars !

Unbelievable !!!!


Spinterlands is just getting started. Thing are really starting to hot up. The world haas finally started to wake to the greatness of the Splinterlands and the fantastic team behind it.

Chaos Legion cards coming soon as well as lands and who the hell knows what is going to happen with SPS and whatever else Aggy. Yabba and the team have up thier sleeves but one thing I do know is that it is going to be done well and professionally and with integrity.

I'm in for the long haul and who knows, perhaps one day in the not too distant future my Spinterlands assets might earn enough for me to give up my job so my family can travel around in our motorhome full time (We just got back from three weeks in Scotland which I should blog about with photos because it was beautiful).

Anyway, that's it from me

See you on the battlefield. I'll be the one riding the Level 4 Byzantine Kitty which I am so glad I went out on a limb for when I paid the whopping price of $20 per card ;-)

Thanks for reading.


very good I have so llittle power . I reached splinterlamds about four months . 😊😊😊

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