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Life in the desert.

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Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm
LocationTibooburra, NSW, Australia

Prompt / Theme: Have you travelled to the desert before? Do you have one on your upcoming travel itinerary?

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Thanks for having a look 👍



I've been a bit slack sending this one out. Happy New Year to everyone :)


No worries! I've been a bit slack posting, too! 🤭
Thanks! And happy new year!

I live in California so can't escape driving pass one to get out of state, which means I will drive pass one in the future and I have been to many.

Plenty of dessert about in south Australia, but I don’t fancy going out into it, keep to the coast and the beautiful beaches.

travelled through a desert when I was driving to Las Vegas. Nice photos.

No, I have never went to the desert... and frankly, it doesn't attract me very much! 🤣

Going to the desert is very nice for people that live in the city. The wide open spaces and huge sky are nice if you have never been there. !BEER

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Hello, sorry if i'am botering you, i want to create a app to manage double column post in hive and was trying to learn how to make that the app post the output text in a specific hive-frontend, since your tool to make reports can post in splintertalk i guess you must know how to do it, can you link me where is the reference to learn about this?

Hello. Seems it has been over a year since I put any photos up 😳

I have been using marked.js as the markdowm interpreter for SplinterStats Season Report Card. You can find information about it here:


By double column post, I presume you are not talking about tables but rather having the post displayed in a newspaper-ish format that once one column is full flows through to the next? I'm not sure there is an easy way to achieve this using markdown 🤔 You would likely need to investigate how other people have done it in plug-ins for other markdown formatted platforms.

Alternatively, if you were making your own front-end website to view the posts, you could have the posts use HTML and render that directly 🤷

Thanks for you response, my tool is to make two columns with the same text but in different languages. I want to add a frontend selector to post it in any of the most used ones for hive (PeakD, Splintertalk, Ecency etc).