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Prompt / Theme: What NFT games are you currently playing? I've been playing Splinterlands for a while and I'm justing trying out Alien Worlds today.

DSC_0553 (2).JPG

Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Giveaway 🎁 - 2 winners
Prize A: 2 HIVE SBI (default)
Prize B: 500 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post payout. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.


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Thanks for having a look 👍


Hi buddy, splinterlands for me too, I have been trying to post a bit more also, using there challenges as prompts.

Same as your prompt for this post.

Seems you're the only one here 😦


Thanks again

👍 What sort of photography do you generally do? I see you're good at the long exposure (from your post 9 days ago). I've tried a couple time but haven't had much determination with other things going on (or the occasionally harsh weather when the good photo opportunities are there).

That was my first try at long exposure, but it won’t be the last, it’s great fun being creative.

Portraits are what I do most often, also car photography can be interesting. How about you?

General nature. Animals, flowers and some landscape/sunset/rise 👍