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😋 Fresh Bread..





Camera LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 18-55 mm

Prompt / Theme: What is the staple food you eat the most?

Giveaway 🎁 - 2 winners
Prize A: 4 HIVE SBI (default)
Prize B: 300 DEC

Winners will be chosen randomly after post pay-out. Please specify if you want a particular prize from those listed above.


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Thanks for having a look 👍


Hey, that’s an easy one “rice and beans” good for the gut. Also coffee but that’s not technically a food.

Bread that I bake myself.

😋 What variety of bread do you bake?

Most often it's a basic white bread. Only ingredients are flour, yeast, oil, salt and water. Sometimes a loaf of pumpernickel or honey wheat.

Interesting to see the bread at different focal points.

I don't eat bread unless its a hamburger bun. Even then I usually throw away half of it.

I do eat chick peas a.k.a. garbanzo beans most days. I take pour some out of a can and smash them with a fork, add other stuff and heat in the microwave - easy meal!

Also eating 2 brazil nuts every day lately. Supposed to be nutritious, anti-inflammatory and high in selenium. So high that I read you can get selenium toxicity if you eat more than 2 a day!

Good luck to all in this contest! If lucky enough to win, I'd chose A, but B is fine too if someone else prefers A. Thanks!

i really like curd balls with much sugar! but i hate to make them :P the ouside is black and bruned and inside its dough haha :D

Congrats on winning. Don't eat too many for Christmas...



Thank you! I can not guarantee it :D

It's egg for me! My breakfast usually include it, how i prepare is different, based on what else i eat, but my favourite choice is a ratatouille.

Congrats on winning. A healthy choice. I should probably eat more considering we get fresh ones from our hens.



If you have your own, you should. :) There is a huge different between the household egg and the commercial one. Well the quality depend on what the hens actually eat, we give them a lot of corn and don't feed them with soy at all.

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

What is a staple food? 🤷‍♂️

Hello. Staple Food's is just another word for some dominant in your diet - a food you eat a lot of. An example would be Bread for many European countries, Rice for Asian countries. I'm sure there are plenty of others :)

Ah, alright. I think that would be Cheese with Marmalade. Yummy. 😋