Happily ever After

in #neoxian3 years ago (edited)


Oh you,
world superpowers,
with scary aims
When would you cease your games?
Stop your obscene and tricky frame?
And desist from regarding us too lame?

When would you free us from the wrath of your sword?
Look us,
Not as a piece on your chessboard
Whose goal is only to win and checkmate
Heedless, if to the weak, harmful or safe

When would you see us as a fellow human
Leech again not from us, like a running tap
Clip not again our wings, permit us to rise
Brace us up, and treat us not coldly like ice

We have agreed, you are truly the All-Mighty
Amid man, we see you only as the heavenly
And your achievements, they are the best, and will remain forever
But please, spare us your masterful tests,
So we can live Happily Ever After