The Token of Neoxian: Neoxian Gold

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I'm changing the symbol of the token from NEO to NEOX.

Hello all, well I've gone and done it. I now have a token.

I have already issued a silver physical currency in the past, so it's time to experiment with a digital currency of my very own. (Yea Whaleshares guys, I just bragged a few weeks ago how I didn't have a token, oops.)


My Neoxian Gold tokens are just digital pieces of fluff, and may never be worth anything. Be very cautious in purchasing any tokens, including mine.

This token is just an experiment, it could blow up in my face. See below for more disclaimers.

These tokens are called "Neoxian Gold", symbol "NEOX" on the "Steem Engine" platform:

Steem Engine is a nifty new platform written on top of the Steem blockchain which adds token functionality. Pretty nice! Do check it out.

So what is your token for, and what gives it worth?

That's a great question reader; you are very bright. I like you. Allow me to present to you the Neoxian Gold token contract:

Neoxian Gold Token Contract

1.0.2: I left whaleshares, so I removed all references to whaleshares from the contract.

1.1: Removing Steem support. Adding Hive support.

Neoxian Gold Token Contract, version 1.1

  1. One Neoxian Gold token (NEOX) shall be redeemable for one 100% upvote from Neoxian on the Hive platform.
  2. Each 0.01 Neox is worth 1% of a upvote, so 0.56 Neox would be worth a 56% upvote.
  3. Neoxian shall only be obligated to redeem up to 5 Neox per day on the Hive platform.
  4. Changes in Hive could affect the value or usability of the Neox token.
  5. Changes in the Steem Engine platform could affect the value or usability of the Neox token.
  6. Neoxian reserves the right to alter this contract as needed for changes in the underlying platforms (hardforks and such), or for other technical or economic reasons, but will strive to make reasonable changes that help preserve the value of the token.
  7. Neoxian reserves the right to refuse to upvote on a post for redemption, if the post is spam, plagiarism, broadly offensive (i.e child porn), or a scam.

So there you have it. The token is backed by me and my vote. One might say it's backed with the full faith and credit in Neoxian. If you think I'm a good and solid guy, then you might pick up a few of my tokens.

This looks suspiciously like a vote buying service.

Yea yea, I know, it does look a lot like a vote buying service. I actually hope it doesn't become just a vote buying service. I get that most people that obtain my token may just redeem it right away for my vote, but I'm hoping that at least some will start to use it as a currency instead. I plan on accepting this currency as payment for my services in and around my Bank and Discord server, delegation rentals or whatever other services I may offer.

Right now only 101 of these tokens exist and I'll be pretty conservative about minting more, because even as few as 5 Neoxs can blow out a days worth of my voting. I'll probably be giving a few out on my Discord server or as prizes for contests and giveaways that I hold, or issuing a few if I need extra cash or to pay debts (if anyone will take my tokens). Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

More disclaimers

There are many scenarios in which my NEOX token could become worthless, please invest cautiously, don't invest more than you can afford to lose.


I suspect the asset-backed value (or vote-backed value) of the token will fluctuate depending on your delegations. Do you intend to maintain a certain level of voting SP?

Yes I've always maintained a certain level of voting power and will continue to do so. The desire to give this token value is another motivator to maintain my voting power and increase it.

So far this is the best coin description I have read! Hope I could earn few of NEO on SE. A great distribution way and I think your token might make a real trending! Congratz bro!


Nice nice. I have my own Plankton (PLKN) token from Steem Engine and will do the same, I guess. Just have fun and learn. Adapt or perish, they say, so we adapt. ;-)

Hi @neoxian, what does it mean to "redeem" a NEOX token?
What does one do, apart from buy, hold and hope?

You would send the token back to me, in exchange for my 100% vote (for one whole Neox).

Congratulations @neoxian!
I like your coin especially the symbol “NEO” it sounds popular already!

Please permit my amateur question here. Are you going to introduce a wallet for NEO to enable transfers, investment and Hodl. Please throw more lights for me.

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If you go to and sign up you can buy sell and trade tokens that Steemians have created and even create your own :-)

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Thanks for the explanation

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Youre very welcome :-)

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Congratulations 😋💓💓💖💝. Tokens are gonna rock I believe in you🤗🤗

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Right now Neo is rocking in the market ;)

I am very happy with your new coin launch sir @neoxian. Soon I will buy some! I never bought any token, thou got some whaleshare tokens from other servers and used it to get upshares.
Steem has done really a precious and witty move by launching this unique idea of creating and distributing tokens. I think it will change the environment of Steem at least a little bit. The wave already can be felt, but we are are waiting for more!
I hope your token get successed ASAP, looks really cool, thou the price is a little bit higher than the vote value, But I am sure you are already thinking more possible and profitable outcomes and sustainable growth with this project.

Best of luck sir!

NEO GOLD to moon! 😃

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Congratulations on releasing your own token.
I am planning to stock up on the tokens to support both the tokens as well as steem. It goes handinhand afterall.

That being said, I have bought just 1 yet LOL

Here's the much anticipated token we are all waiting for, at least we know you have our back, as long as we are clean. It's boss,

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Congratulations on this next phase Neo Sir....Neo means New and young in greek, it is unigue and priceless just like your reputation sir.
I am happy to be a member and a bonafide citizen of the Neoxian community.

You are just the best boss, more to come boss, the sky is your starting point @neoxian

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Hrm... Maybe combine it with your loaning service and offer a token after someone successfully pays you back?
Seems like a nice thing to do, just saying :)

Such a smart way to utilize the token combined with Steem's nature voting ability.

Wow long time no see. 😊

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Amazingly amazing 🔥

First of all, I say Congratulations on finally making your own token. Great initiatives you have in there to make the Neo Gold a token worthwhile.
If there is one thing, I love about you then it's your sense of telling the truth always. Many would have just say all sort of things to make whatever profit they want with something of this nature. But even with all you had to make your token exist in the first place, you still ask everyone to invest wisely when buying the token since it could blow up on their faces. We only hope things goes as smooth as planned.
Neo Gold is here and it's all out to stay so let's all get ourselves these tokens

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This is great big boss but I have a question, your 100% vote can't give the price of one neo token as at this moment, how do you intend to solve this??

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It will be solved when more of the tokens are created and given or sold in the future. There is no need to focus on that one expensive batch I have on the market now.

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Hmmm so u have a token too. Yeah I remember reading this a while back and didn't really understand what it's abt until now. 😂 Cool. 👍👍👍

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@neoxian It is very cool did you create this coins? kind regards,

Thats cool... Are you a fan of Neo? thank you for your awnser..

Hello Mr. @neoxian!

I would like to ask what are your thoughts now, 3 years after this post (which I am reading for the first time now) when the $NEOX price is over 450 USD (!!! - may I ask what was the price when you first launched $NEOX?) - and I'd also like to know if this service is still available, and how could one redeem one of your tokens.

Thank you very much (:

- EvM

Yea, if you have a token, it can still be redeemed for a vote, contact me in discord or matrix chat.