Can dealing with strangers create anxiety?

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We have it intrinsic in our being to be able to interact very often with people who are unknown to us, either because it happens occasionally, because it is merited by our work, or that this situation is forced by ourselves.

The important thing about this fact is that in the end it is very necessary that our dealings and interactions multiply in order to meet new people and learn new aspects.

Although relationships and dealings with other people culturally enrich our personality, we must also recognize how difficult it is for many people to interact with strangers, regardless of the context in which the interaction takes place.

We must also add that dealing with strangers ends up being a challenge to overcome in all those people who are unable to feel good when they have to socialize with strangers, in the case of not being able to overcome this challenge, we can see how anxiety is generated.

In the end this type of people ended up seeing this condition as a valuable skill that other people have that if they can deal with other people they do not know, it is very good that these people can overcome this condition because for example there are many job offers that involve having to work with customer service, so that not being able to deal with strangers ends up being impossible to work in such jobs.

The ideal is to look for a health professional, since there is a predisposition to deal with other people, as long as we recognize this as something that is not normal, then we can take the next step of overcoming which is to seek help from a professional such as a psychologist.