Vulnerability as a weapon in our personal development

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Do you think being vulnerable is a sign of weakness?

It all depends on the perspective in which you look at it, if we see it as that amplified sample of emotional learning, then most likely you think it is not.

Although there are several angles in which we can look at vulnerability, there will always be a considerable group of people who see vulnerability as a weakness, not that it is wrong, however giving it another nuance can help us a lot in our personal development.

Let's conceptualize vulnerability

If we leave our house open without us being present we are making it vulnerable to theft, if we extrapolate this situation to our personality, then we are vulnerable when we open our feelings to others, and perhaps we can become more vulnerable if we end up acting honestly.

The house we leave open may be vulnerable to burglary, however if our intention is to leave it guarded and then identify which people intend to steal it, then we are making vulnerability a powerful weapon.

Being open and honest with our own feelings can make us vulnerable to others, but it is also one of the ways we can get to know who is really expressing good feelings for us in a genuine way, so in the end being vulnerable is not as bad as it seems.

It is important that we use vulnerability as a weapon to discover weak flanks, for this it is important that we investigate in which situations it is more advisable to be vulnerable, in case we are wrong, no problem, the important thing is that we know how to interpret the results obtained from showing ourselves vulnerable.