The Daily Pen #37, The Fear of the Blank Page

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I have a fear of writing. This fear of the writing down my thoughts and sharing them with an unknown audience has been one of my earliest fears. I developed my fear of writing in 4th Grade. My teacher assigned a written each week, and I completed exactly zero of these. My mother told me that I was not required to repeat 4th Grade because of the stellar history of my older siblings along with her reassurances that I was just shy.

However, my fear of writing persisted. I continued to avoid any writing assignments whatsoever for the remainder of my educational career. I didn't even write a Mandatory English essay for High School graduation. Somehow, I still graduated anyway... and in the top 20% of my class as well. I imagine this fear of mine has closed numerous doors for me throughout the years.

So, a part of my reasons for producing daily output is to eventually conquer my fear of writing... and hopefully to improve my prose along the way.