The Daily Pen #39, HF21 Jitters

in #neoxian4 years ago


HF21 is due to hit this upcoming week. Supposedly, those who routinely earn a few particles of dust per post should expect to earn zero dust from now on.

I must say, this news is most disheartening... and most probably quite damaging to Steemit's growth. The competition from other sites is beginning to mount. And the BAT Rewards program is starting to appear on more and more social media. This last point may be the most damaging aspect of shrinking awards for small time contributors to Steemit.

Why would a user post anything at all on Steemit, if that user could post the same content on other more traditional web platforms with a wider audience?

Until HF21, that reason was rewards, even and maybe especially the dust for those of us producing dusty content.

I watch a lot of kids movies, since I'm home with my little ones...

I think Ratatouille is a good one to bring up on this post:


It's looking bad for the little guys.
It may be saved, if folks flag enough, but I won't be holding my breath.