My Recommended Communities for the Neoxian 10K Delegation

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Greetings, everyone.

#Steemit is not just about crypto currencies, blockchain, and freedom of speech. It is also about building communities. We know that we cannot grow without one here or elsewhere. Fortunatelly, Steemit thrives in communities of all kinds that provide inspiration and support to those who want to be part of them.

Responding to @Neoxian’s call to recommend communities to opt for a delegation, I want to propose the following ones. All these communities have opened friendly arms to me and some of my colleagues and friends and they deserve all the support they can get so that they can support small accounts better.

My Recommended Communities for the Neoxian 10K Delegation

  1. Equipocardumen.

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A group of Venezuelan writers, musicians, and artists (mostly from Cumaná), that became my first community here in Steemit. This group, more than any other deserves support to grow. Most of our 50+ members are plankton and are having a very hard time to remain in the platform. If they can’t grow, our trail can’t give a big upvote, if the trail can’t reward the quality post produced by its members, then the member can’t grow and feel motivated. It’s a vicious cycle that only generous delegations can break. I can attest to the human and artistic quality of the post by members of @equipocardumen.
@EquipoCardumen has edited four magazines (#LaLechuzadeMinerva, #Astrolabio, #Periplos, and #Citario) and some of our members are regular contributors to #CelfMagazine and #Adsactly. This is a group of very talented people who deserve the needed support to grow in relation to the quality of their content.

  1. Powerhousecreatives.


I think this community does not need an introduction. This has become my second home. They member are among the most active and generous in the platform. An incredibly diverse community that knows what supporting its members, producing quality content, and making Steemit better means.
You can find more details about the PHC team here:

  1. Help.Venezuela.

I am new in my relation to @help.venezuela, but I have been impressed and moved by the kind of work they are doing. Most people are in Steemit to get a forum where to make their work known and be rewarded. @help.venezuela is using Steemit to help others.

  1. Edu-Venezuela.

I am also new to this community. Just started to delegate some SP to their account. I think that @edu-Venezuela is one of the most solid communities when it comes to Education.

  1. Ulogs

@ulogs is another big name that needs no introduction but @surpassinggoogle wants to do so much, he and his team deserve all support available to help realize their immense potential. They have also been a home to me and have helped me grow in Steemit. They are one of the most complex communities with tags that carry a lot of followers and with very ambitious projects (check that have made Steemit a powerful competition to other social networks.

Thanks for your visit


Thank you from my heart, @hlezama.
@equipocardumen is a talented group. Right now, we fight blackouts and internet blockades to survive, and yet we try to do what we do with quality.
Let me remind you of another one of our magazines: Periplos. Art and Literature Magazine.
A delegation would certainly be a very valuable stimulus to support our projects.
Thanks to you and @neoxian for their generous initiatives.

Thanks, @adncabrera. Sorry about the omission. I'll edit to add #Periplos.

thank you for sharing these communities with us. I really hope one of them wins - it would be amazing to help the Venezuelan communities

Thank you very much.
Let's hope whoever gets that and other delegations puts it to good use. One thing that is dearly needed here, especially for planktons, is motivation. Many users have their votes guaranteed. For most, this is still like buying a lottery ticket and, like the lottery, after several losses, discouragement leads to quitting.
Communities and big accounts need to spread their votes more evenly if they really want this platform to grow and last.

Bella publicación, no por las delegaciones que sugieres (con válidos argumentos) y que son muy importantes sino por tu generosidad y objetividad al mismo tiempo. Un gran abrazo @hlezama

Muchas gracias, Marcy. Se hace lo que se puede. Algún día tendremos suficiente SP para dar votos generosos a a quienes de verdad lo merezcan. Si todos crecen la plataforma crece. Mucho se ha dicho aquí respecto a lo que hace de Steemit, el blockchain y las crypto monedas diferentes al mundo real, los intermediarios y el fiat money, pero en el fondo se han repetido las mismas desigualdades que hacen del mundo real lo que es.
Aún tengo fe que eso se puede cambiar.

Ni hablar del tema. Sentimiento compartido

Este es un buen post. No tenía idea de que existiesen otras comunidades de delegación. Estaré pendiente.

Saludos, @danapalooza. Gracias por pasarte por acá.
Hay muchas comunidades que delegan y a las que vale la pena delegar SP cuando se puede. Por desgracia, nuestras limitaciones técnicas y económicas nos colocan en desventaja porque es muy poco el tiempo que podemos interactuar en la plataforma como es debido.
De esas interacciones nacen alianzas, convenios, amistades, etc que se traducen en mayor interacción, votos, solicitudes y posibilidades para que cada ususario muestre sus talentos y potencial.

Interesting contest. You picked good communities to recommend. I hope one of them gets it.

Thanks. I too hope one good, generous, high-quality community is benefitted by this.