Don't Fuck With Cats

in #netflixlast year (edited)

'Don't Fuck With Cats' is a 3 episodes of true-crime documentary on Netflix.
On this documentary you can see very clearly how much influence we have using internet these days.

Basically, this is about a guy who posted a video of him abusing cats.
A lot of people got mad and opened a Facebook group so they can try to find him.
On this group, they shared their feelings, emotions and thoughts about how to find this guy. But more importantly- they found clues on his video and discuss them.

While watching the series, you understand this guy wanted to get caught.
He wants the exact attention these people give him, so he didn't stopped there.
There you go - another video! more clues.

At some point they find out who the guy is, and now the bigger problem - find where he is.
And even bigger one - trying to convince the police to arrest him. After all - he didn't do anything but abusing cats. yet.

I won't tell you more because I don't want to ruin this awesome series - but I truly recommend watching it.
I can't lie, it's pretty hard to watch, I had to stop playing it about 20 times (probably bc I felt bad for those poor kittens), but it really worth it.

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