Netflix Trial Free Viewing in Kenya

in #netflixlast year

Netflix is a behemoth of streaming content and has continued to increase its catalogue over the years. The convenience to load up a web page or app and watch a show at home or on the go is well worth the price for many. I use Netflix to watch a great deal of shows and movies along with family and friends. Netflix continues to seek growth across the globe and is once again going with a free taste for android/mobile users in Kenya. The deal is clear, age verified users will gain access to a limited portion of its library to watch ad-free and complete seasons will be available. The initiative will encourage users to upgrade to the full experience after having a taste of what is has to offer, a simple but sound strategy.

Whether stream quality restrictions or other limits appear remain to be seen. I would be curious to see if the application somehow tries to restrict any external display usage. I have made use of other streaming services; the freemium model works on Shows are available to watch with ads placed periodically but they do interrupt a viewing experience. Users are encouraged to watch the latest shows on release through membership for higher quality streaming and immediate access. Freemium or even free limited content streaming services are an effective way to give users a taste of what’s on offer. Whether customers remain repeat customers through subscriptions is another issue. Netflix are giving a limited yet unaltered viewing experience that might see success in Kenya in the coming month.

According to reports, Netflix have over 209 million subscribers globally and are continuing to grow. Revenue continues to climb and the company continues to splash cash every year, with its largest budget yet this year of $17 billion. Perhaps in certain countries, mobile is the highest demographic for media consumption and hence specific mobile offering.