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80% of companies recognize that it is essential to integrate social networks into an effective communication strategy . They promote contacts and stimulate exchanges between the various players in the world of work: companies, consultants, suppliers, executives, job seekers, recruiters, etc.


Unlike Facebook, which is more focused on personal relationships and B2C commerce, LinkedIn is primarily aimed at companies that offer business (B2B) products and services.

What is LinkedIn for?
LinkedIn is more than an online resume or a recruiter tool. It is very efficient provided that all possibilities are exploited. However, the majority of users only use 25% of its features.

Here are some ideas already:

establish or validate commercial contacts,
ask for advice, test an idea,
organize events, conduct a survey,
promote their services or their business,
look for a candidate for a specific position.
find suppliers, partners or investors.

Learn about LinkedIn in 6 steps

The topic being far too broad for a single post, I will therefore treat it as a dossier , and each of the following points will be the subject of a separate article.

  1. Create your profile
    Whether you are a self-employed person, an employee or a business owner, the first thing to do is to create your profile. This will be optimized according to your objectives : job search, reputation research, valuation of your experience and your projects, recommendations, links to your website and other relevant documents.

  2. Network and manage contacts
    Connect your profile to that of your acquaintances, colleagues, prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, etc. to then benefit from the strength of the network .

  3. Create a Company Page
    Company pages offer you the opportunity to present your activity in more detail company, employees, product and service presentations, targeted advertisements, etc.

  4. Join usefull Groups
    It's important to join your related topic group in which you can share your experiences , query and knowledge.

  5. Share your expertise
    LinkedIn is more than a recruitment platform. It is above all an opportunity to share your expertise with a wide range of professionals.

  6. Some Lesser-Known Features of LinkedIn
    Did you know? With LinkedIn you can also create an event, organize a survey, connect your Twitter, Slideshare or WordPress accounts to present a coherent and strong image of your virtual identity. Overview of some very useful tools.

In short, LinkedIn for SMEs
An active presence on LinkedIn will allow you to:

Improve your online visibility
Prospect and offer your services
Find partners
Recruit collaborators
Develop and manage your reputation
LinkedIn is therefore a formidable lever for professional communication . But like any social network, your profile requires regular monitoring and updates to be truly effective.

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LinkedIn is the tool I use since it actually started - rarely seeing such posts and I appreciate any of them.

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Hi @adityajainxds
Excellent information, this tool is very useful and using everything it offers us can be of great help.
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