出加密代幣不難,會否公開數據然後讓大眾去中心化才難。 !tan

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I was also interested in this news today. I thought it was very good. Is this fake?


"DBS Bank, Singapore's largest Bank by assets under management, believes that the future belongs to digital assets. It launches its own cryptocurrency exchange."

I don't think it is. I suspect some over zealous group of people enabled the site without going through their internal approval process unless someone hacked it and put up that but I would think if there's any hacker that won't what they will do.

time will tell

Wonder if Hiver will ever turn around?

We just choose to believe it will but I don't if will do so much soon.

Sudden change of heart! They see lots of profits, that’s why!

They probably has some stash away already.

Yep! You are right! Spot on!