3 US Soldiers Defending Israel Killed in a Bombing in Jordan

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A US Army base in Jordan was bombed and 3 US soldiers were killed, the Pentagon admitted.


Western neo-cons need to attach the word Iran to all their miseries in the region forgetting that it's in reality their war crimes and their support to Israel that is causing all the instability and payback.

Seems that whoever released this info is not taking into account the dozens of 'casualties' among the US military personnel in the illegal bases in Syria and Iraq, or even the US Marines lost at sea in their naval operation against Yemen.

All these wars can stop immediately if the US president orders his troops back to defend the USA instead of projecting power abroad and murdering other peoples in their countries, whatever fake causes they claim to support: spreading democracy, and freedoms, building nations, and protecting western values.

The complicity of the collective West in the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza burnt out the last fig leave covering their ugly faces.

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Seems there were 25 US soldiers seriously wounded as well in the bombing.