China Slams the USA for Bombing Syria and Iraq

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China tells UN Security Council that the US airstrikes “constitute a grave violation of the sovereignty, independence, & territorial integrity of Syria & Iraq.”


The video is available on Rumble, Patreon, and BitChute.

“The situation in the Middle East is on the verge of extreme peril.”

“Who is creating threats, whether in the Middle East or elsewhere? Who is engaged in the excessive use of force? And who is misleading public opinion?”

“The US purports that it does not seek to create conflicts in the Middle East or anywhere else, but in reality, it does precisely the opposite.”

“The US military actions are undoubtedly stoking new turmoil in this region and further intensifying tensions.”

“All parties should heed the strong call and overwhelming consensus of the international community and support the UNSC in taking strong actions to promote an immediate ceasefire.”

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