Iran Bombs Mossad Base in Iraq and ISIS Quarters in Syria's Idlib

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Israeli multimillionaire and his family members and Scores of terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS were killed in two separate bombings carried out by Iran against Israeli Mossad spy base in Iraq and ISIS quarters in northwestern Syria in the early hours of dawn today.

Iranian IRGC who issued statements about their military operations said these are in retaliation to the terrorist bombing in Kerman, Iran earlier this month which led to the killing of 90 and the wounding of 200 innocent civilians, and the terrorist attack on their police command in southeastern Iran last month which killed 11 personnel and injured others.

Barrages of missiles were fired at targets in the Iraqi northern province of Kurdistan which led to the killing of an Israeli multimillionaire and members of his family, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps said the targeted place was used as a spy base for the Israeli Mossad.

Another salvo of missiles was directed at quarters of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) in Idlib, northwestern Syria, the IRGC stated.

Iranian officials have vowed to avenge the terrorist attacks against their people at the proper time and place, the statements of the IRGC claiming responsibility for the dawn dual attacks affirmed the same but did not elaborate whether there will be a follow-up bombing or their avenge is fulfilled.

Details in this report: IRGC Bombs Israel’s Spy Base in Kurdistan Iraq, ISIS Dens in Idlib.

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