Israel Assassinates 4 Iranian IRGC Anti-Terrorism Advisors in Damascus

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In a new war crime against Syria, Israel bombed Damascus targeting Iranian IRGC military anti-terrorism advisors, murdering four of them including the IRGC head of intelligence in Syria.

The video is also available on Rumble and BitChute.

The morning bombing flattened a 3-storey building in the up-scale Mazzeh district in the Syrian capital Damascus causing material damage to nearby properties and vehicles, some sources put the toll at 10.

Iranian IRGC advisors help the Syrian armed forces combat cross-border terrorists of the NATO-sponsored ISIS, Al Qaeda, and their affiliates who work for the USA and Israel.

Israel has always rushed to the rescue of its proxy forces in Syria whenever they are being beaten, this time it was a direct targeting to retaliate for the bombing of the Mossad spy base in the Iraqi Kurdistan province a couple of days earlier, which in turn was the Iranian retaliating for the terrorist double explosion in Kerman that killed 90 civilians and injured up to 200, and for the assassinating of the Iranian military attache in their embassy in Damascus on the 25th of last month, December.

The US-led Israel or the Israel-led USA and NATO are desperately trying to instigate a regional war to get the Biden junta and the Israelis out of the multiple quagmires each of them walked into in Gaza, Ukraine, Yemen, and on the economic side, especially during the US election season.

The Axis of Resistance will retaliate for this latest Israeli war crime, the Syrian Resistance will bomb illegal US Army bases in the country, as they always do after Israeli bombings of Syria, and the IRGC will retaliate against US Army bases across the region and against Israeli foreign assets, and the Iraqi Resistance will bomb US and Israeli targets as the IRGC was their main supporter in combating ISIS.

Of course, in addition to bleeding the powers of evil, the US-led Israel, NATO, and proxy terrorist groups, or the Israel-led US, NATO, and proxy groups in the war of attrition.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus Murdering IRGC anti-Terrorism Advisors.

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