Israel Bombs Damascus and Tries to Bomb its Countryside

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Israel bombed an apartment building in a Damascus upscale neighborhood in the morning followed by another bombing attempt of targets to the West of the Syrian capital.

The first bombing, at 9:40 am, targeted an apartment building in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood in Damascus, the bombing murdered at least 2 civilians and destroyed parts of the building.

Local sources reported hearing the sounds of 4 explosions, the building is opposite a kindergarten and a school.

A couple of hours later, the Syrian Arab Army's air defense shot down incoming Israeli targets over the western Damascus countryside, no casualties were reported.

The US-led empire of evil is in chaotic mode, its projects are failing across the globe from Ukraine to Iraq to Gaza which exposed to the whole world the true criminal nature of the US and its proxy Nazis and Zionists, and it all started with the failure of the USA to overthrow the Syrian government and install a puppet regime in Damascus.

A US think-tanker once said that the Syrians killed PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, and he was right, we are witnessing the crumbling of the evil empire before our eyes.

More about the Israeli repeated war crimes and aggressions in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus Murdering Two Civilians – Syrian MoD.

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America, for all its faults, is a land of hope and dreams. Where people come from all over the world and make a better life for themselves due to the sheer abundance of opportunity in this great country.
Meanwhile Israel is a beacon of freedom in a region filled with dictatorships, monarchies, and theocracies. I hope one day you come back and join us here in reality. If you don't support Israel you're a disgusting anti-semite and should be ashamed of yourself.
Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱