Israel Desperate to Widen its Genocidal War on Gaza, Bombing Damascus, Again

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The latest in the series of Israel's aggressions against the Semite people of the Levant in Syria was yesterday evening when Israel fired a barrage of missiles targeting an apartment building in a Damascus suburb, and several posts on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

Desperate to engulf the whole region in its genocidal war on Gaza and failing to achieve any of its stated goals, exposing the real nature of the anti-Jewish Zionist settlers, Israel is trying its best to drag its Western sponsors, mainly the US Army into a new war of terrorism and aggression.

Yesterday evening around 9:35 pm, Israel fired a salvo of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan toward the Syrian capital Damascus.

The video is also available on Rumble and BitChute.

Syrian air defense units shot down most of the incoming missiles with at least one of them slipping through and destroying an apartment building in the Sayyedah Zaynab suburb in the southeast of Damascus.

Only material damage was reported from the Israeli aggression by the time of this report as firefighters were struggling to put down the inferno that was burning down the building.

Syria has not yet retaliated to any of the hundreds of Israeli bombings since 2011, the Syrians are empowering the resistance factions against Israel while combating the US and Israel's proxy terrorist groups across the country.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus Suburb from Over the Occupied Golan.

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