Members of the US-led Evil Empire Bombing their Way Out of their Quagmires

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Failing and defeated on all the fronts they have started, the evil empire led by the USA is trying to bomb its way out of its debacles with the methods it mastered: genocide, terrorism, and proxy wars, in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Yemen, and around the globe, their latest is Israel bombing southern Damascus yesterday afternoon.

At around 1 pm yesterday, Israel fired a barrage of missiles toward a suburb in southern Damascus, Syrian air defense shot down some of the incoming missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets from over the occupied Syrian Golan into the Sayyeda Zainab district.

At least 2 Syrians were killed and others were injured in addition to material loss, the Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement about the bombing and locals added more info.

Israel is literally defeated in a humiliating way in Gaza, it's only capable of murdering women and children; none of its stated goals when it started the genocide has been achieved, and that in military and political terms is considered a loss.

The Pentagon had to admit the bombing of its base, although with a twist to the location of that base, and admitted the killing of 3 US soldiers and the wounding of about 3 dozen others, that's another humiliating slap to the hyped almighty US air defense systems.

Europe is crumbling with its nearby island of treacherous politics aka the UK, all of their colonies are standing up to their bullying and they are even losing their maritime and mercantile routes because of their arrogance and insisting on aiding Israel in its barbaric genocidal nature. Europe is losing its massive investment in the war in Ukraine and in the bombing of Yemen.

Not to mention the war with Texas and half of the US states over the borders issues.

More in this report: Israel Bombs Southern Damascus Murdering and Injuring Syrians.

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Not the best day for the Empire. ;)