Russia's Guiado 'Navalny' Dies in Prison, NATO Frenzy Over Unusual Coincidence

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CIA stooge Navalny died in a Russian prison; the Russian authorities launched a probe into his death, NATO was somehow faster, as usual in such cases, and issued the verdict: Putin killed him!

When I received the first breaking news notification from RT channel that Navalny died in prison, I immediately expected the scenario that would follow and my prediction was very accurate, not that I'm a fortune teller or can read the future, but I saw how the US and its allies treat their assets.

Biden, the 'leader of the free world' cannot be more explicit in his findings: 'Putin did it' reminds me of Trump's finding about the alleged chemical attack in Syria: 'Assad did it' and the ensuing bombing of Syria, which turned out to be another WMD stunt by the CIA and its agents.

What Biden's handlers actually did is implicate their president in all the deaths of inmates in the USA, first, hold him accountable for those deaths, carry out all the punishments you can against his country, then whatever the results of investigations would be, ignore and move on.

A reminder: Navalny was not as popular in Russia and among the Russians as he was among the followers of Western mainstream media, the man couldn't gather more than a couple of thousands of supporters in his highest time due to the ugly Ukrainian Nazi-like racism he kept emitting before he was locked away because of actual crimes he committed.

His death, whatever the immediate cause of it was, will not affect the daily lives of Russians, maybe only those few on US and European payrolls who are being picked by Russian security, other than that, his death was used for the opening ceremony of the Munich Security Conference 2024, and that's it.

By the way, USA stooge Xuan Guiado, Venezuelan self-appointed president is now teaching something at a university in Florida after he was beaten up by ordinary Venezuelans and fled the country, Navalny is less fortunate in this life than Guiado, maybe because he was more criminal and racist.

Miri Wood, Syria News's investigative reporter explains: Navalny Dies and NATO Nazi War Pimps around the World Mourn.

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