The Root and Problem of Creating Israel - Professor Roy Casagranda

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The root cause of all problems in the region and most of the world is the 'self-inflicting wound the world caused by creating Israel' by giving the land of the Palestinians to groups of the same religion.


Watch it on Rumble and BitChute.

This is a must-watch very short in-depth explanation by renowned Professor Roy Casagranda about the creation of Israel, how it's the cause of instability, mayhem, and carnage in West Asia and the rest of the world, and a suggestion by the esteemed professor for a solution.

However, since the blind support the USA, Europe, and Russia, even China gives Israel, and the aspiration of the Ukrainian Nazi junta to turn Ukraine into another Israel, why not move the Israelis to Ukraine and solve dozens of problems at once?

I've suggested the creation of Ukrael, Solving the Israeli Problem: Give them a Ukrainian Oblast.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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