US-sponsored ISIS Assassinate Syrian Army Officers for Israel

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Following instructions from their Israeli partners, the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists assassinated a 3rd Syrian Arab Army officer in the southern region yesterday.

SAA Colonel Ramadan Dhawa, Commander of the 271st Battalion, 112th Brigade, 5th Armored Division was assassinated by a bomb detonated in his vehicle near the village of Al Nassyriah on the provincial borders between Quneitra and Daraa in southern Syria.

Colonel Dhawa is the third Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer assassinated by the remnants of the US and Israel proxy ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists in the southern region since the beginning of the Israel genocide of Gaza on the 8th of October last year.

The names of the slain officers were written on flyers dropped by Israeli warplanes near the occupied Syrian Golan.

ISIS remnants operate out of the so-called 55-kilometer zone imposed by the illegal US Army base in the Syrian Al Tanf area after they were defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in Daraa in September 2021.

US Army and its allies in the NATO 'defensive' alliance do not combat terrorism around the world in their illegal invasions, they create terrorism and use it both ways, to inflict harm on the targeted people and then claim they are combating the terrorists after changing their labels like from the Free Syrian Army FSA 'moderate rebels' to Al Qaeda Levant and to ISIS, and like the Kurdish PKK to the Kurdish 'Syrian Democratic Forces' SDF, in the case of Syria.

More in this report: ISIS Remnants Assassinate Syrian Army Officer on Israel’s Orders.

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