Yemen Army Sinks UK Ship Carrying 1 Million Barrels of Oil

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Yemen Armed Forces sank a UK oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden, the tanker was trying to violate the sanctions imposed by Yemen.



The oil carrier was identified as Martin Luanda, reports say that several crewmen were killed in the incident.

Yemen has imposed sanctions on Israel blocking the Bab Al-Mandib water passageway in the face of Israeli ships and ships heading to and from Israel until Israel stops Holocausting the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, lifts the siege it imposes on over 2 million people there, and allow the free flow of food and medicine to them.

Instead of forcing Israel to stop its genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, as now ruled by the ICJ, the USA formed a coalition with some of its puppets, the UK always included, to bomb Yemen to lift the Yemeni blockade on Israel!

In response to the US-led bombing of their country, the Yemenis expanded the blockade to include ships belonging to the countries contributing to the US-led coalition.

The goal of the US-led coalition is to help Israel commit the genocide, thus Yemen is acting according to International Law to prevent that genocide.

Depraved of logic, common sense, intelligence, and humanity, the rulers of the US have effectively shot themselves and their European allies in their feet whilst trying to help Israel in its war crimes implicating the coalition in war crimes, genocide, and self-harm.

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