Zionist Children Killer Israel Commits New Massacre in Homs, Syria

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The anti-Jewish anti-Christian anti-Islamic Zionist entity dubbed Israel continues its satanic AntiChrist mission in massacring the Semite people of the Levant, its latest, in addition to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, was the bombing of a residential suburb in Homs, Central Syria.

At least a family was confirmed murdered in the heinous bombing that took place shortly after midnight when their residential building collapsed on top of them.

Rescue workers are working tirelessly removing the rubble in search of survivors and casualties from the bombing, the director of health in Homs feared the worst as several casualties were rushed to the city's hospitals.

The Israeli bombing comes on the day the Syrians are commemorating one year after the devastating earthquake and combating the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda and ISIS terrorism across their country.

Israel used the Lebanese air space to carry out its aggression against Homs, the high mountains between Syria and Lebanon largely helped Israeli fighter jets evade Syrian air defense systems.

Israel, defeated in a humiliating way by the Palestinian fighters in the 6 hours war on the 7th of October and failing to achieve any of its stated goals in eliminating the resistance in Gaza, releasing the settlers arrested by the Palestinians, and returning its own settlers to the settlements they fled from, this Israel is eager to drag the whole region into the quagmire of its own digging.

The US and its cronies in the NATO 'defensive' alliance are also desperate to regain some of their lost hegemonic influence after being revealed to be nothing more than paper tigers whether in their war on Russia in Ukraine, their attempts to intimidate China, Iran, Venezuela, or their attempts to directly take over Syria and Yemen in addition to the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Bombing their way out of their crises will not save them, it will further the worries, pain, and losses of the Western criminals and their proxies in Ukraine, Israel, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.

More in this report: Satanic Children Killer Israel Commits a New Massacre in Homs.

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