An address to the party ... but I lost it !

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I like to play with the numbers in time as the time for me is just a messing around. I never manage to get in time even if my calculations are right, I am very messed up.
But I like to create stories with numbers, why not ? There is something about English that I like, they are always in time, they respect the time, I should learn more about it. I always thought they hated me, but why shouldn't I? Hmmm...But it is not their fault because I didn't see the love, I thought love can be only felt, how wrong I was about it?
There is no place in the world to not be able to call it home. There is a way in this country to be loved even as a foreigner by being fair.
There is gonna be a party in 2 days, right in the middle, but weathever I say is not real, I talk a lot of nonsense, is what people are saying .
It's only my imagination, but is so beautiful, I want to believe is real.
I love stories but to make them, the clue of the address is line ⚟ this time.
The unswer is somewhere in the middle. L(OV)E is gonna be spread all over.
(once I was asked by a man, what do I feel attracted the most in a man, but I was confused and to think I refused)
I like the whatch on left hand as you can ask them the time, but they don't want to be distracted, this is what makes them attractive.
But there is a secret about the time, l want to use letters instead, but only to remind you that the time does exist and is showing the direction.
For example 9 is E but the reflection is 3, E&C, of course. But the Queen won't mind walking on the brown line this time, the other line you should know about that. If you want a better view, stay in the middle and wait for the Queen in there. But the shot 🤳(🥂) is gonna be at 8, not miles, only pm, is what you use in the times. But to make sure you don't miss to see the Queen, be there 2 hours earlier, just to make sure. It is something beautiful about Cu-Cu singing, I realised they sung twice at 1:10, there is a pause of one minute, probably they need to get better, and 3 times at 1:12, pm it was that time. But the reflection of (1:)11 is 55, remember. The clock, you can check on it. The party will be for 9 days, just a different story this time. If you get to the party in time, let me know, I may join, for me it is never too late. I like to keep myself wild, with the time only in my mind.

It is just a little story , only a creation from my imagination.


A really wonderful and expressive article made a good choice, my friend

Thank you !

Wow...such a wonderful and interesting short story by @artaddict mam...
Such a amazing ideas...
I'm really like and respect it...
Keep it up post dear...

You had me believing there was a party for a minute there