Karkala: Bolero mishap - bridge over Shambhavi river is 65 years old

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Daijiworld Media Network - Karkala (MS)

Karkala, Jan 13: The bridge from which the Bolero jeep fell into the Shambhavi river was built 65 years ago. It has got cracks in many areas. Even the protecting wall is not proper. The locals have urged for renovating the bridge and to provide protective wall of iron rods on both sides of the bridge. Speaking about the negligence shown by the PWD, Sri Esha Vittaldas Swamiji of Kemaru Sandeepani Sadhanashram said, "Let the PWD wake up at least now and build a proper protective wall to the bridge."

It may be recalled that the Bolero jeep, in which the family from Bola was travelling to Mangaluru to attend a marriage function, fell from the bridge into the Shambhavi river and Diana (45), wife of the head of the family Stany Mascarenhas (50), who was driving the jeep, lost her life in the tragedy. His sons Sheldon and Sherman and Stany himself were rescued by the locals, who showed extreme courage and presence of mind.

The mishap occurred at around 8.50am in the morning. The jeep hit the protective wall of the west side of the bridge and fell into the river. The river was brimming with water due to the dam that is put to the river. The locals and other vehicle drivers jumped into the river and were successful in saving father and two children.

Stany Mascarenhas, a resident of Bola Kendottu Barke of the taluk was going along with wife and sons to Milagres Church of Mangaluru to attend the marriage function of a close relative.

More than 50 young men were involved in the rescue operation. The people are lauding the efforts of the young men of Sankalakariya, Patte, Ulepady and Elinje who jumped into the river risking their own lives. Vishwith Shetty, lecturer of Pompei College, Aikala jumped into the water with his full dress on the body as soon as he saw the jeep plunging into the river. Vishwith, Gunapala of Patte Cross and Ashok of Ulepady are the three prominent persons who saved the lives of father and two sons. Apart from these three, Naveen Vaz, Somnath Poojary, member of Mundkoor gram panchayat, Divakar Chowta, president of Aikala gram panchayat, Suresh Bhandary and Girish of Sankalakariya and Akshith of Elinje also helped in the rescue operation.

Diana, wife of Stany Mascarenhas lost her life as she was wearing the seat belt during the unfortunate incident. The jeep fell upside down in the river and Diana could not come out of the vehicle as she was strapped to the seat. Even the people who saved other three people, could not save Diana as they could not break the glass of the jeep also. Diana died due to asphyxiation.

Stany of Bola Kendottu is an agriculturist. His wife Diana, who lost her life in the tragedy is from Perar, Edapadav. They have four children. Apart from Sheldon and Sherman who were rescued in the accident, they have twins by the names Sharol and Shawn.

The injured Stany, Sherman and Sheldon are admitted into a private hospital in the city of Mangaluru. Diana's post mortem was carried out in the government hospital of Belman. Stany and Diana had an important role in the marriage of their relative that took place at Milagres Church in Mangaluru. The marriage was conducted with symbolic procedures under pall of gloom due to the mishap.

Police also had some confusion as to who has to register the complaint of the accident. Shambhavi river at Sankalakariya falls into the border region of the taluks of Mangaluru and Karkala. Mulky circle inspector Anant Padmanabha and Nasir Hussain of Karkala police station took the information from the revenue department and accordingly the case was registered in Karkala police station.


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