World's Scientists Issue Climate Emergency Warning

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No news there. The scientific communist has been warning the rest of society about the dangers of global warming since the 1970s.

Every year they have repeated the same warnings, and updated their data. And every year it has gotten worse.

The dire situation that we are in is illustrated clearly in the following figures. You can read the report for yourself, here.

What stands out the most is the obvious connect between emissions, land use, forest and biodiversity loss alongside capital accumulation.

Capitalism runs on a foundation of theft. Private theft of surplus value from the socialized labor forms the basis of capitalist profit.

The degradation of the environment is not a factor taken into in the production process.

Capitalism blames consumers for their consumption of the products that capitalism creates. The dialog only ever focuses on individual consumption practices, of individual morality about garbage and waste or energy use. It cannot fathom that the system we have in place, which relies on constant growth and expansion of markets and consumption, is unsustainable.

The only true solution to the climate crisis is a regulated economy. Three day work weeks, socialized labor and profit. We need to eradicate bullshit jobs, militarism and capitalist waste. Fossil fuel use needs to end and be replaced with more sustainable solutions. There needs to be a global wave of re-forestation. Plastics need to be regulated and replaced with biodegradable solutions.

The immense cost to this process, which needs to be done on a global scale, is incompatible with capitalism. What Earth needs amounts to a global "Five Year Plan". This can only be done through world socialism.


We will never be able to eradicate this, as the frog has been slowly cooked into the pot before it realized that it was going to be boiled.
Taking inspiration from Z. Bauman "Retrotopia" (Chapter 3 - back to inequality), what moves both single individuals and masses is not inequality per se but the perception of inequality in comparison with a certain social benchmark (i.e. our colleague, someone with our same academic records, our neighbor, a similar professional category and so on). Today in this liquid and turbo-capitalistic society we don't have a benchmark anymore. We have been progressively flooded by consumeristic fetishes at the point that - with full customer satisfaction - our criticism has been traded for likes and upvotes. The frog is already boiled in the pot, the water temperature was raising too gradually for it to understand what was happening and, most probably, it was busy taking a selfie.

Lots of evil shit going on right now.

Capitalism, as interpreted by the Westerners, is destroying us and the planet. Socialism on its own is hardly the answer either because of the western understanding of the systems. All the westerns did was go into Africa, looked at the way they were living, wrote it down in some books without living among the culture for an extended amount of time to gain an understanding of what they were writing, took it back to where they came from and started following some "rules" written down in books.