Warning: The Thought Police Have Arrived [VIDEO]

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Have you noticed the “Big Brother” disclaimers YouTube now adds to some videos? They’re posting blurbs from Wikipedia onto content that covers conspiracy-related topics.

In the same way, Facebook uses Snopes and “Politifacts” to embed warnings on posts about so-called controversial issues. Not even memes are safe anymore!

This isn’t targeted advertising from special-interest groups, it's blatant thought-control, and it’s built into the largest social media platforms. Orwell’s dystopian vision has come to pass.


For Anarchast, I hosted a remarkable interview with the producer of Vaxxed, the documentary covering the truth about vaccines.

Of course, Google wants you to believe that anyone who asks questions regarding vaccine safety is a dumb conspiracy theorist, so my video is tagged with their propaganda badge.

“Always Trust Your Politifacts and Factoids!” - A Message From the Ministry of Truth


Big Tech statists want to tell you exactly what to think. Even worse, they’re determined to filter what you see, so that you’re not exposed to unauthorized ideas! Everything on your feed is being scanned.

In my recent walk and talk vlog from Geneva, Switzerland, I explain this modern media manipulation and explore what we can do about it.

Enjoy the full video:

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Thanks for the laughs Jeff.... I cant stay still, Im getting seasick.... help :) .......... yeah im high ;) ...... fuck FBIbook, Killary .... Tag up those passports.... See yah back in Aca.... Be well.

LOL politifacts..

looks like we're all going to have to start wearing memes as t-shirts. without the wiki warnings.

Can confirm, and they're getting REALLY sensitive as well. On my recent "weather report" video, without mentioning chemtrails or contrails in the title or description, Youtube automatically slapped the video with the propaganda badge about contrails.

The AI either listened to my words and heard the words "chemical" and "trail" together, or parsed the image to see I was showing the white skid marks across the sky and went into damage-control mode.

People are waking surly it's getting unbelievable now. The hundredth monkey is near 💯🐒