Fauci admits killing Americans and collapsing the global economy

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Dr. Fauci, the one man most-responsible for the world's Covid-19 pandemic response, now admits his policies have been killing innocent people. The day after Trump's presidency ended, Fauci told CNN that unscientific decisions based on politics have been killing people, but promised to immediately end all such practices now that Biden is in power.

For the past year, the good doctor's policy decisions involved everything from diagnosis, to masks, to lockdowns, to vaccines, and more. His actions were often mirrored by other head doctors and policy-makers around the world. About 2 million people have been lost to SarsCov2 infection, and untold millions more have already died as a result of the lockdowns and economic collapse.

Fauci told CNN he felt pressure from Trump to keep the murderous plan quiet, but now that Biden has taken the reigns, he feels safe to admit openly their actions destroyed the world's economy, terrorized 8 billion people, and possibly doomed human society to decades of economic hardship that will be impossible to ever truly recover from.

Fauci told CNN the pandemic response will completely change under Biden. For example, he held his tongue when Trump advocated for treating viral infections with hydroxychloroquine, but now that Biden is president, he'll gladly help with the effort to silence such disinformation and prevent the unsuspecting public from hearing about it.

How I see it

Tony seems to think it's safe for him to openly admit his policies under Trump killed people. "It's a liberating feeling to be able to talk about what I know without fear of repercussions". He promised to stop lying to the public from this point on, and to be "completely transparent, open and honest with the American people".

But since he promised not to lie to the public in the first place, and did anyway, how are we supposed to believe him NOW? For example, a few weeks ago, he admitted he lied about herd immunity being possible after 70% of the world is vaccinated. The number is really closer to 90%, which is literally impossible, and he admits he purposely lowballed it so the public would accept the vaccine strategy. Once we started down that road, he felt safe to disclose the bait-and-switch.

He admits he lied and mislead the American public - and the world - and that many people very likely died because of it. In his haste to politically throw Trump under the bus, he has exposed his own sins, and the fact that the whole thing is a scam. The only excuse he offers is that he was concerned Trump would fire him if he broke ranks. So he helped Trump kill millions of people, but it's okay because he was worried about his job? Gross. The scummiest doctor on the planet must have the scummiest lawyers on the planet!

Something tells me the American people would rip this little gremlin to pieces if they got their hands on him, and rightfully so.



Once this whole thing is over this guy will be hanged for crimes against humanity - along with a lot of others.

Nice beady little eyes, lol! A subtle one but a good one heheheheh ;)

He is a lying prick.

When you're killing people left, right and centre to protect them from the air....oops