Media claims we're tired of lockdown, and demanding... harsher lockdown?!?

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They're right about the first half - people are sick and tired of the lockdowns and restrictions, and even dying because of them - but they're completely wrong that we're demanding the lockdowns and restrictions be TIGHTENED! Even suggesting that is ridiculous, but that's literally what Canada's mainstream media has stooped to.

Even as Canadians are banished to their homes, not allowed to socialize for months, and barred from travel of any kind, health experts are demanding the people "do more", as frightening mutations threaten to increase rate of infection "tenfold by April".

"What more can we do?" a Canadian mother is quoted as saying. Her answer? Government mandates for masks to be worn on children. "Telling us to do more, but not increasing restrictions is like a slap in the face.”

So there's nothing more she can do, but she wants the governemnt to tighten restrictions? She needs (and wants) to be forced?

I'm calling bullshit.

I don't think "Jennifer" exists. If she's real, she was the WORST choice to be interviewed on this topic! Nobody in their right mind, or even half their right mind, would suggest that more restrictions are the cure for all the pain and suffering the restrictions are causing. That is just beyond stupid.

Yet here we are. So I'm calling bullshit on that.

Only the state itself would suggest harsher lockdowns are the cure for what they call "Covid exhaustion" - the overall disdain for the government's response to the virus. This desire to return to normal, which they have deemed a sign of mental illness, is to be met with even tighter regulations. It's demented.

I haven't worn a mask yet, and I'm doing great. I probably had "the coof" back in February before it hit the news. My wife has a mask exemption, she hasn't worn one either, and she's also fine. Our baby is fine. We're just lonely, and sad to see our freedoms stripped away, and fed up with the lies. And tired of being stared at (or confronted) by ignorant statist drones that watch too much television, when we venture out for supplies.

And now, those statist drones are being ordered to upgrade their 3-layer filtered masks, in favour of surgical/dental masks. I wish I was kidding! And they're now suggesting things I only joked about until now, like wearing a mask while having sex, while driving alone, while walking alone, and also that we wear TWO MASKS at the same time! Here's the president of the "united" states of America, to demonstrate:

I saw a guy on a bicycle the other day, weaving in and out of traffic, no helmet, big mask on his face. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

Government announced "we will come down on you like a ton of bricks, particularly those that are violent, and those that circumvent the rules". They promise to look at ways to tighten restrictions, in response to the public's outcry. New lockdown orders are to be issued in a few days (Feb 2).

This madness has got to stop.



In the words of Smedley D Butler: It's a Racket!
He was an awful man who did awful things but towards the end of the ww1 he realised just how awful he was. Hindsight a wonderful thing?

Indeed! Thanks for your comments, and suggestion of IPFS.
I upvoted this comment 100% and it sent your account from 25 to 31 rep. Not that rep means much here but it's interesting to note. (I don't encounter many brand new accounts around here lately. Welcome, or welcome back.)

They just take a vocal minority and make it look like it's what everyone thinks. It's jus selective reporting. Only the ignorant should give any credibility to these media.

It sucks that they are the mainstream (most common, most watched, most believed, most acted upon, etc) media. They don't deserve to be mainstream, but there are a lot of people out there who are ignorant to the fact they're being lied to. I woke up because somebody showed me the deception in a way I could relate. Maybe there's a chance for some other ignorant people to snap out of it too.

Current events seem to push people to wake up more. Better times ahead after these awful times (hopefully!) IMHO 🙂

If you have to wear a mask when you go out, you still have SO much freedom. For example, you could wear a puppy or a kitty mask, or heck, you could even be a unicorn!

Heh wearing 2 masks is like wearing 2 condoms. People are so fucking dumb all it takes is a joke (Mere exposure effect) and then enough gradual change...or not so gradual anymore, and you can pull anything over these people's eyes. I've never seen such a bunch of deluded, neurotic people, so fucking paranoid of exactly the wrong things. Talk about being right (fear of death) for the wrong reasons (covid). And for the people not afraid of the lie, well they're so scared of their own government that they're wrapped up in a web of psychological defence mechanisms which are ironically going to be the cause of their own demise if they don't smarten up.

No I don't want any lockdown at all.

Oh, please! The people are asking for it? God, that tactic is so fucking old and basic. It's for stupid people who can only base their opinions on other people's. Talk about prophetic. It's easy to get people to do stuff, just act fuckin' prophetic and the sheep will follow. "Do more" is a Witchhunt for non-statists. It's a stage of genocide against free people. It's a rally call for the imbeciles to attack the Kulaks and send them off the the gulags.

It's scary they are resorting to such basic tactics. Are the mainstream drones really that far gone, this will work? Or are they trying to start an insurrection? Or are they desperate and trying anything at this point? My satoshis are on a combination of 1 and 2.

Drutter I don't know if you've already found out about this but if you haven't you seriously need to look into IPFS! people like James Corbett have placed a backup of their entire site on IPFS and/or IPNS and the officials will never be able to touch it because this network is essentially outside the internet. Like bittorrent or TOR but way more sliced.
Anybody with a truth blog needs to get their site hosted. The more people connect the more nodes there will be thus growing the network making it faster and faster as it gathers towards CRITICAL MASS which is what we need if we are going to win this war against the zs and the Rosacrutian Jesuit Freemason fucks!
This is age restricted just so you know but I'd let a 14 year old watch it just so they can comprehend what has come before and why they need to rebel of they don't want to go through that!