Revolutionary Algorithms

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Can you feel it now? Can you feel the changes coming? Can you feel the electricity in the air? Revolution is coming. It is getting really close now, you can almost reach out and touch it. Actually, if you live in France, you can reach out and touch it.

The Gilets Jaunes is the beginning of something that is about to spread to every nation on the planet. Maybe not the name, that's not for sure, but in principle, the Gilets Jaunes is the beginning. The Gilets Jaunes is the beginning because everyone knows that a revolution has to happen. Everyone knows there has to be a revolution, and, well, now the Gilets Jaunes have started it.

Everyone is aware of the situation we are facing right now. Everyone is aware of just how dangerous things have become for us. We all know in our hearts what is going on. We know what the people ruling the world are doing. We know they are destroying the environment all over the world. We know they are waging unjust and illegitimate wars all over the world. We know they are enslaving the poorest people in the poorest countries of the world. We know they are squeezing the last drops from the middle classes all over the world, pushing more and more people into poverty. We know they are using the media apparatus all over the world to control us - to keep us in the dark about these truths. We know what they are doing.

We have tried to use the political process to fix these things. We have tried putting our faith in politicians to fix these things, but the politicians haven't helped us. The politicians lied to us. They promised to fix things, but they didn't. The politicians have been bought off, and they serve the interests of the very rich - the real rulers of the world.

We know all these things, and we know that there will have to be a revolution to fix it. We know there is going to be a revolution, and we also know that it isn't going to be fun. This isn't going to be fun for anyone. In fact, its going to be very hard, but we have to face it. The problems we are facing will only get worse the longer we put this off. The censorship will only increase. The propaganda will only increase. The wars will get worse. They environment will get worse. The poverty will get worse. Things will keep getting worse until we face this thing.

This is the truth, so now we have to face it, and the first step is to get prepared. That is what this article is about. It's about getting prepared. It's about preparing ourselves mentally for what to expect as the revolution gets underway, and it's about what we can do to get prepared. Its about the expectations and the algorithms of a revolution.

I talk about algorithms because I'm a computer scientist and I think about algorithms a lot. An algorithm is just a set of instructions for how to do something. An algorithm is like a recipe in cooking, but it is for anything at all. There's an algorithm for how to brush your teeth, there's an algorithm for how to make a friend, and there's an algorithm for how to handle any problem anyone might face during a revolution.

During the coming revolution people will face many problems. For the remainder of this article I hope to identify some of the problems people might encounter, and to offer algorithms that address these problems.

Please, consider this a bare minimum. A first draft attempt to help people to prepare. I encourage anyone and everyone to start identifying other potential problems, developing solutions, and sharing these ideas with everyone else. After all, this revolution will be a massively collaborative effort. Everyone will have to work together in any and every way possible in order to succeed.

Unite and Overcome

Collaboration and communication is the first and primary key to success. Our ability to communicate with each other effectively will eventually come under attack, (really it already has).

Notice that it is our ability to communicate with each other that has made this revolution possible at all. The fact that nearly every single person in the world has a cell phone with a camera has made it possible for people anywhere in the world to communicate with each other in real time. People can share events as they occur including any video or photographic evidence. This has played an important role in waking people up to what is really going on in the world. This phenomenon has facilitated peoples ability to see through the official narratives given by the main stream media.

But access to information is now being made more difficult. The censorship taking place so far has been fairly soft, but it will get worse. The elites have noticed the trend taking place. They are aware that people are buying into the main stream media lies less and less. Now they are trying to shift peoples attention away from what other citizens are saying and back onto 'official' narratives.

Eventually people can expect censorship to get quite bad. People will be forced to switch their habits of communication. We can combat this ahead of time by finding and using alternative means of communication, and by forming networks before hand - by being well connected.

You see, their strategy is to divide and conquer. Our strategy must be the opposite of this, ours is to unite and overcome. So what we need to do is get connected. We need to get organized with each other, and we need to do this quickly. We need to share email addresses with each other. We need to share telephone contact information. We need to become a 'reliable network' so that, for example, if we are cut off from email, we can still connect via text message. Ideally we would become so well organized that if any one of us goes missing, fails to check in, whatever, then someone else will notice.

I call this very incomplete algorithm Unite and Overcome. Please, comment, discuss, improve. Find ways to quickly get organized and connected. Discuss and agree on alternative means of communication. Build up a resilient unassailable network.

The Great Caravan

The next important thing to recognize is that protests can only be so effective. Certainly the government does not love protests, but as long as everyone is still going to work Monday through Friday and paying their taxes then the government will have little incentive to make changes. What really needs to happen is a major broad based divestment from the system. There needs to be a massive exodus from the work force - a global exodus so great that the the globalists actually feel it. To orchestrate such a massive change I want to suggest something I call The Great Caravan.

There are a few problems that need to be addressed in order to make a divestment action like this happen. The highest among them is that, while striking, people will need their basic needs met. People will need food, water, and housing, and people will have many other needs as well. If everyone is located separately and remotely, meeting these needs would become a major logistical challenge. In order to solve this problem we need a radical solution.

One solution, my favorite solution, is to join together to become a kind of travelling family. To form a great caravan. In other words we all get together and go camping.

People get organized as best as they are able, everyone packs up everything useful thing they have, and they head out to a campground. Once there people get to work organizing. People figure out who needs things and who can help. Everyone is dedicated to each other. Medical professionals help with medical needs. Mechanics help with mechanical needs. Teachers set up school curriculum and mobile schools. Some people cook. Some people help take care of the kids. Everyone works together to sustain each other. If it gets cold, the caravan moves south. If there is trouble with authorities, the caravan moves.

The point is, everyone joins together in a great caravan, and the caravan becomes a family, and the family stays together until the revolution is over. And with this simple non-violent act, we are able to divest from the whole social structure which has been working against us for so long. With this simple non-violent act we become stronger than anything the powers that be can break. Alone, we are weak. But if we unite, we can overcome.

These are just a few ideas. Unfortunately I have very little time to write. So much more needs to be discussed, and we may not have much time left. My hope in writing this is to inspire others to begin considering these things and to start discussing them with each other. For this to work it will take all of us working together. Everyone needs to be a leader. We all need to carry each other.

God bless you all,
Eddison Flame


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