Launching ANTSCOIN concept - Feedback Please!

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ANTS is a learning by earning platform backed by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency based in Egypt. It aims to educate and train you on full-stack software development knowledge and practice while catering to the needs of companies in the market on specific software development or digital services jobs, tasks, and projects.

It will be a digital asset like Bitcoin
Smart Contract Feature like Etherium
And Fast transaction rates like Hive.

Not sure exactly what will be the road map, but I am getting excited :)

Your Feedback will be much appreciated. Ants Coin


its a new crypto ?

Yes it's a new crypto backed by a earning by learning platform. So basically users learn software and digital services and make money by being part of real projects.

Still in proof of concept phase though.

Cant wait for this to get off the ground!

Please leave your feedback in a comment below!
Your feedback will be highly appreciated

How do I earn while I learn?

Any update on this one? Seems like the project died quietly.